Activities of BCCII

We promote different activities that helps the companies that come up to us to get and exposure, meet important influential people, people in high ranks, get new ideas, discuss and modify strategies and schemes in order to improve the business. We organise conferences where people from all around the world meet and share their views, ideas and ideologies. The aspiring businessmen take inspiration from here to grow their business. We help provide them with opportunities that effect people and their business in various ways. Few of the activities provided by us are as follows:


Weekly meeting
There are regular weekly meets organised by us that help the companies to be updated with the work taking place and improvise on those works before it is too late. A weekly report is provided to the head of the companies and they decide whether to be contended with the work and permit it to be carried forward or stop it there, make necessary changes and then ask the company to proceed. Other collaboration companies also meet up in order to update about the works taking place in their company as well. This help is much accepted and needed for successful running of a company.


Annual conference
We organise conference annually as well. This is bigger than weekly conferences and many important business personalities meet under one roof and discuss about the working of a company, the products launched. They also get acquainted with the products launched by their rivals and get to know more about the product to be launched. They discuss about the feedback of different products in the market and find out solutions to make it even more popular. Any company facing problems or running at a loss can seek help and suggestions from these important famous personalities who have a vivid idea of running a successful business.


International conference once in 2 years
There are international meets and conferences organised by us after a span of two years. There are different well renowned business tycoons, influential people, political leaders, etc. present during this meet and those who want suggestion to make their business grow get a sound opportunity to do so.  This also helps many small companies to develop a business relationship with famous companies and work in their collaboration.  Many take the help of influential people to get some work done and thus take their business one step forward. We provide the opportunity to expand a business and make it run successfully.


Trade share - exhibitions
There are different trade share organised by us. In these exhibitions different ideas are discussed, different products are discussed, companies get to know the products of their rival, etc. Many companies take this opportunity to introduce their product that they will launch in the market and thus publicize it even before it is launched. This increases the demand of the product and a craze to use the product. Companies also get to discuss about the flaws that are associated with a product and techniques to deal with it before any harm is done. This is an opportunity that no one wants to miss.


We also provide training to those who want to build and run their company.  We have many different programs and well trained trainers who help an amateur to become acquainted with this field of business and get a clear picture about the pros and cones that must be dealt with tactfully. The trainers who are in charge of training the amateur and the semi-professionals also are provided with appropriate training from the heads and the best in that field of business. Proper care is taken that no improper training is provided. Training for different field of work is provided and a proper care is taken while doing the same.


Visit to countries
Every individual wants to get a scope to travel abroad and gain experience and knowledge in the process. We provide this opportunity to those interested individual to work on their ability and to live their dream. We organise opportunities for an individual to visit countries, meet eminent people, talk and discuss about matters related to their business, gain knowledge and experience so that they can use this to take the company to a different level. We give scope to small as well as medium companies to promote themselves not only in their own country but also in other countries. This helps in the growth of name and fame of the company.


Alliances with likeminded chamber of commerce
This helps companies in promoting themselves and thus attracting more and more positive attention towards themselves. We give opportunities to companies to share their ideas and views, help them improvise it and discuss it with others with the help of networking. We give a scope to different entrepreneurs to develop business relationships and tie-ups with bigger companies that will be beneficial to their company. This help is much necessary for a business or a company to grow and excel in their field. This opportunity is much needed and this is what we provide to all the companies seeking our help.


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BCCII is meant to help and support any business that is directly or indirectly related to our country and helping out that very business when it needs help.